The CEPiA division, of the Sanofi group, works with pharmaceutical raw materials, manufacturing and marketing them to third parties. The group, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical enterprises, make their laboratories available for use, looking for reliable and reputable suppliers, the highest quality standards, regulatory support and production of raw materials manufactured in its 16 chemical and biotechnological plants spread principally across Europe (France and Germany).

The production of their APIs is vertically integrated, allowing a constant control of intermediaries in the manufacturing process. Additionally, it has an extensive regulatory and quality-control team with great expertise at a global level, which it shares with its clients.

With a catalogue of more than 200 active ingredients distributed in over 80 countries, Globalk Química is placed within its global network of agents, officially representing Sanofi in Spain and Portugal since 1998.

Active Ingredients:


As pioneers during the discovery and development of corticosteroids since 1911, and given its experience, Sanofi is the only European manufacturer today offering a complete range of these products which is totally integrated (based on fermentation and synthesis phases), as it does not depend on any third-party intermediaries to manufacture their products.


The Synthesis Unit offers a wide range of products, including the groups classic APIs, commodities such as Metamizole (Mg and Na), Articaine HCL, Ramipril or Insulin, as well as other newer preparations, such as Tamsulosin HCL.


One of Sanofis most renowned and tried-and-tested products is Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin), as two of the companies that came to form the group as it exists today (Roussel Uclaf and Rhone-Poulenc) were pioneers in the development of this API. For this reason, Sanofi is today a world leader in the manufacture of this raw material.


Many pharmaceutical companies have taken the path of developing new medicines based on prostaglandins. After several years, only a few have been able to achieve this goal. CHINOIN, based in Hungary, is a company that has been very successful in this respect, and has been a part of the Sanofi group since 1995. Nowadays, CHINOIN is the biggest provider of prostaglandin-type APIs in the industry.


Saneca is a company that was founded in the 1940s, in Slovakia. It began its career as a morphine manufacturer, and over the years has grown to become a market leader in the manufacture of controlled substances. In 1993, it merged to form part of the Zentiva division, the European brand for Sanofis generic products, until it became an independent company once again in 2013. For this reason, Saneca still contributes know-how and European quality, a hallmark of Sanofi, with regards to the manufacture of active ingredients and medicinal products.

The manufacturing plant located in Hlohovec (Slovakia) is certified in GMPs and GDPs, with a quality-control team of four qualified persons responsible for the final release of batches. It includes a broad spectrum of manufacturing processes and activities:

  • Teams for different chemical reactions, purification operations, drying, sieving, micronisation etc.
  • Manufacturing of pilot batches, pre-validation, validation, and commercial batches.
  • Process controls throughout the entire manufacturing process.
  • Stability studies.
  • Documentation: DMF, Support documents to the CEP

Its catalogue has more than 30 active ingredients, generic preparations, and controlled substances which are manufactured and distributed in more than 50 countries.

Metamizol Magnesium (Granules and powder) Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Metamizol Sodium Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Carbesalate Calcium Sanofi Amilly France
DL Lysine acetyl saicylate (Non steril grade) Sanofi Aramon France
DL Lysine acetyl saicylate  + glycine
(non sterile grade)
Sanofi Aramon France
Ibuprofen Lysinate Sanofi Amilly France
Ketoprofen Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Tramadol Hydrochloride Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Tiaprofenic Acid Sanofi Brindisi Italy
Dinoprost Tromethamine Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Local anaesthesia
Articaine Hydrochloride Sanofi Ankleshwar India
Fexofenadine Hydrochloride Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Promethazine Hydrochloride Sanofi Sisteron France
Phenylltoloxamine Resinate Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Alimemazine Tartrate Sanofi Sisteron France
Cortisone acetate micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Desoximetasone micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Dexamethasone acetate micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Dexamethasone sodium metasulfobenzoate Sanofi Vertolaye France
Dexamethasone sodium phosphate Sanofi Vertolaye France
Fluorometholone micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Fluticasone propionate micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Hydrocortisone acetate micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Hydrocortisone hemissuccinate Sanofi Vertolaye France
Hydrocortisone micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Hydrocortisone sodium phosphate Sanofi Vertolaye France
Hydrocortisone valerate Sanofi Vertolaye France
Hydroxy acid Sanofi Vertolaye France
Methylprednisolone micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Methylprednisolone acetate micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Methylprednisolone sodium succinate sterile Sanofi Vertolaye France
Prednisolone micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Prednisolone acetate micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Prednisolone hemissucinate Sanofi Vertolaye France
Prednisolone sodium metasulfobenzoate Sanofi Vertolaye France
Prednisolone sodium phosphate Sanofi Vertolaye France
Prednisone micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Deflazacort micronized Sanofi Brindisi France
Rifampicin (rifampin) Sanofi Brindisi France
Roxithromycin Sanofi Vertolaye France
Spiramycin base Sanofi Brindisi France
Teicoplanin Sanofi Brindisi France
Terbinafine Hydrochloride Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Rifamycin SV Na Sanofi Brindisi France
Ciclopirox acid powder Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Acexamic acid Sanofi Sisteron France
Ciclopirox Olamine powder Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Prednicarbate Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Canreonate K Sanofi Vertolaye France
Canrenone micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Spironolactone micronized Sanofi Vertolaye France
Furosemide Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Piretanide Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Gynaecology and Obstetrics
(Prostaglandin F2 alpha)
Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
(Prostaglandin E2)
Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Carboprost tromethamine Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Bimatoprost Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Latanoprost Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Travoprost Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Arterial hypertension
Losartan potassium Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Metoprolol succinate Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Ramipril coated Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Ramipril powder Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Doxazosin mesylate Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Pulmonary hypertension
Epoprostenol sodium Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Iloprost Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Treprostenil Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Ophthalmic and nasal preparations
Sodium cromoglicate granules Sanofi Jurong Singapore
Sodium cromoglicate micronized Sanofi Jurong Singapore
Sodium cromoglicate milled Sanofi Jurong Singapore
Sodium cromoglicate pellets Sanofi Jurong Singapore
Sodium cromoglicate recrystalized milled Sanofi Jurong Singapore
Betaxolol hydrochloride Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Nedocromil sodium Sanofi Jurong Singapore
Hydroxychloroquine sulfate Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Leflunomide Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Cardiovascular system
Atorvastatin calcium amorphous Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Atorvastatin calcium crystalline Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Carvedilol Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Alprostadil Alfadex
(PGE1 alfa-CD)
Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Disopyramide Sanofi Vertolaye France
Amiodarone hydrochloride Sanofi Aramon France
Norepinephrin hydrogentartrate (noradrenaline tartrate) Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Norepinephrin Hydrochloride (noradrenaline hydrohloride) Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Pentoxifylline Sanofi Ankleshwar India
Beraprost sodium Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Ciprofibrate Sanofi Aramon France
Ticlopidine Hydrochloride Sanofi Sisteron France
Acebutolol hydrochloride Sanofi Sisteron France
Pentoxifylline Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Endocrine system
Glimepiride Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Buserelin acetate Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Gonadorelin acetate Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Human recombinant insulin for cells culture application Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Central nervous system
Propentofylline Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Rivastigmine base Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Rivastigmine hydrogen tartrate Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Dulotxetine hydrochloride Saneca Hlohovec Slovakia
Riluzole Sanofi Vertolaye France
Selegiline Hydrochloride Sanofi Chinioin Hungary
Clobazam Sanofi Frankfurt Germany
Clorazepate dipotassium Sanofi Aramon France
Amisulpride Sanofi Sisteron France
Cholpromazine hydrochloride Sanofi Sisteron France
Zolpidem tartrate Sanofi Sisteron France
Trimipramine maleate Sanofi Sisteron France
Zopiclone Sanofi Aramon France
Sulpiride Sanofi Mourenx France
Valproic acid Sanofi Mourenx France
Sodium valproate Sanofi Mourenx France
Levopromazine hydrochloride Sanofi Vitry France
Levopromazine maleate Sanofi Vitry France
Loprazolam methanesulfonate Sanofi Vertolaye France
Tamulosin hydrochloride Sanofi Praga Czech Republic
Tolterodine Sanofi
Alprostadil (Prostaglandina E1) Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Cyanocobalamin Sanofi Elbeuf France
Cyanocobalamin < 200µm Sanofi Elbeuf France
Cyanocobalamin High Purity Sanofi Elbeuf France
Hydroxocobalamin Acetate Sanofi Aramon France
Hydroxocobalamin Base Sanofi Aramon France
Hydroxocobalamin Chloride Sanofi Aramon France
Methylcobalamin (Mecobalamin) Sanofi Aramon France
Veterinary preparations
Alfaprostol15% sol. Sanofi Chinoin Hungary
Cloprostenol sodium Sanofi Chinoin Hungary