Globalk Química is a commercial agency with 20 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical sector that officially and exclusively represents its partners in Spain and Portugal.

We started our operations with the marketing of active ingredients from the CEPiA division (Commercial and External Partnership Industrial Affairs), of the Sanofi group, and it still acts today as the backbone of our company and the basis of our widely-renowned status in our sector.

Throughout our development as a company, new manufacturing partners have joined our project to produce active ingredients, excipients and pharmaceutical packaging. All of them have a common aim: providing pharmaceutical laboratories with raw materials and primary packaging, in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Our mission has been, and will always be, to act as the official agents of the manufacturers that we represent, forming part of the commercial structure, as if we were ourselves a local subsidiary for them.

We have always been dedicated to QUALITY, in terms of both the products and services provided, and for this reason all the companies we represent are pharmaceutical market leaders in Europe and the USA in each of their specialties.


At Globalk Chemistry, we are aware of the key role of proper distribution of raw materials and pharmaceutical packaging in the manufacture of medicines that are effective and safe for patients. For this reason, we work every day striving towards this common goal and offering our clients a world-wide service with high added value.

Our commitment goes beyond the mere marketing of our products. Our team offers:

  • Innovative solutions for client-specific requirements
  • Regulatory support
  • Assistance during audits
  • Negotiating services between the companies we represent and clients

Since its beginnings, the staff that make up our team at Globalk have brought with them a set of values which reflect our commercial values, which allows us to make further progress, day by day, with regard to: