Since our very beginnings, we have tried to respond to quality and innovation demands in our primary packaging used by the pharmaceutical industry.

Our catalogue is unique on the market, and offers packaging solutions for the most common pharmaceutical purposes, such as:

  • Liquid forms: including pharmaceutical caps and lids, including childproof, anti-tamper and dosage systems, such as dosing syringes, seals for syringes, brushes, pipettes or droppers adapted to a wide range of densities.
  • Solid forms: We are experts in providing specific packaging solutions for each solid-product project, with pill boxes from 15ml up to 250ml, and child-proof caps, or anti-tamper caps, with or without a liner. Also in cases where desiccants (silica gel), O2 absorbers, and active charcoal are required, these can be integrated in the cap, or used as a desiccant capsule or bag.
  • In the case of spray or airless products, where an exact dosage is required, our solutions include pump sprays from 50µl to 250µl in snap-in foil solutions, or thread solutions, with mouth, nasal, or ear applicators.


From our technological centre at Nemera in Le Trepôrt, we offer our clients an expert technical consulting service in spray-product and bioequivalence projects for packaging development when creating a generic product from an original medicine.

  • Within the field of ophthalmics, we are the benchmark partner amongst the most important laboratories in the sector, starting with a product line of classic eye drops, from 5ml to 25ml, up to a revolutionary and unique multidose and preservative-free eye drops, Novelia®
  • Injectables: Similarly to our raw materials and excipients, we are experts in solutions for parenteral use, from tubular glass, to vials, to Push-off aluminium capsules, tear-off or push-tear-off (totally removable) types, in 13mm, 20mm and 32mm.

Our catalogue can be downloaded here (link)


Quality and commercial structure:

We would like to reaffirm that Globalk Química is not a packaging distributor, but rather the official commercial agent in Spain and Portugal for our partners, and as such, we are integrated as another integral link within its structure, providing close, professional support for the technical demands of our clients.

All of our prices are official in Spain and Portugal, and are never subject to additional distribution costs. The final product is delivered directly from the manufacturing plants in France, Belgium, Germany or Spain.

Our supply chain operates according to the Good Distribution Practices of the pharmaceutical industry. We are the only certified agent which applies this quality standard to the specific field of pharmaceutical packaging.

The quality of our partners meets the most rigorous demands of the pharmaceutical industry, with plants specifically dedicated to this sector. All documentation and certifications are in accordance with the European Pharmacopeia, and in the majority of cases, also the USP. (consult)


About our partners:

  • Berry Plastics: Packaging giant on a global scale, with more than 90 manufacturing plants in the USA, Europe and Asia. Its line of prescription products in the USA is the most widely used in the health sector across the world.
  • Nemera: Experts in devices and complex dosing systems, they are a worldwide benchmark in preservative-free solutions, sprays, airless and self-injectable products.
  • Hubert de Backer: Pioneer and global leader in the manufacture of intramammary injectors for the veterinary field, dosing syringes for pharmaceutical syrups, and vaginal applicators.
  • Clariant: Swiss industrial group, renowned for its additives. Globalk represents its Consumer Health division: tubes for tablets, desiccants and systems to protect against oxidation.
  • Heinlein Plastiks: A pioneer in plastic cap/lid products in Europe, it has been an expert in seals for the pharmaceutical industry for four generations.
  • EMA: French manufacturer of aluminium capsules for injectables and fasteners for diagnostics.
  • Tecnoglas: With its two manufacturing plants in Spain, it operates as a processor of tubular glass for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.
Eye Drops
  • Classic eye drops
  • Preservative-free eye drops: Novelia®
  • PET bottles, 28mm spout
  • PET bottles, 18mm spout
Dosage and inserts
  • Dosing syringes
  • Veterinary syringes
  • Vaginal applicators
  • Seals for syringes
  • Flow reducers and pourers
  • Dropper for vitamins and essences
  • Dosing cups
  • Dosing spoons
  • Glass pipettes and PP
Caps and Lids
  • Child-resistant caps
  • Tamper-evident caps
  • Caps with silica gel
  • Pumps
  • Upside-down pumps: Advancia®
  • Actuators
  • HDPE bottles
  • Piston airless
  • Bag airless
  • Glass vials, cartridges and ampoules.
  • Aluminium pop-out capsules
  • Bromobutyl and chlorobutyl stoppers.
Pill boxes
  • HDPE pill bottles
  • Multi-lid pill box vials
  • Pill bottles with silica-gel lids
  • PP tubes for effervescent tablets.
  • Caps for diagnosis
  • Chromography glass vials
  • Autoclave glass vials
  • Bags for bulk goods
  • Pharmaceutical bags
  • Capsules with absorbent material
  • Silicagel
  • Oxygen absorber: Pharmakeep.
  • Activated charcoal